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"Gospel of Glory," or "Glorious Gospel" (1 Tim 1:11)
"With" or "In" the Spirit (Mt 3:11)
1 Peter 4:6 and Those Pesky Prepositions
3 John 4 and Walking in (the) Truth
A good work in (or among) you (Philippians 1:6)
A little text criticism (Mark 1:41)
A New Game: Supply the Missing Word
A No Win Scenario (Acts 2:11)
A Subject and its Verb can be “Miles” Apart (Romans 8:3)
A Translation Conundrum (1 Tim 2:9)
Adverbial Participles and Finite Verbs
Adverbial Participles: What's a Translator to do? (Eph 2:1)
Aktionsart and Ask, Seek, Knock (Matt 7:7-8)
Am I “Lord” of my Wife? (1 Peter 3:6)
Ambiguous and Meaningless (John 3:21)
An almost impossible translation conundrum (2 Tim 2:4)
An example of different kinds of translations (1 Cor 3:6)
An other look at using “he” (1 Cor 9:10)
An Untranslatable Word: γύναι
Anacoluthon and Using Greek Tools (Eph 2:1)
And the answer is ... (John 3:16)
Anger (Part 2)
Answer the fool, or not? (Proverbs 26:4–5)
Antecedents and Faith (Eph 2:8-9)
Aorist, Present, and Sequence (John 15:6)
Aorists and Imperfects (John 3:22)
Apposition and Word Order (Acts 3:20)
Are All Translations Wrong? (Mark 1:16)
Are Ants People? (Proverbs 30:26)
Are branches burned, or will they be burned? (Matt 3:10)
Are Elder’s Children “Believers” or “Faithful”? (Titus 1:6)
Are Gossips in Heaven? (James 1:26-27)
Are Metaphors Inspired?
Are the Gospels Truly Anonymous?
Are the Greek Texts of the Bible Corrupt? An Example (1 John 1:4)
Are there any Random Translations? (Rom 8:34)
Are There Two Different Gospels? (Gal 2:7)
Are they "Jews" or "Christian Jews"? (Acts 11:2)
Are translations really based on the Greek and Hebrew?
Are translators adding to God's Word when they say "Brother and Sister."
Are We God’s Poem (Eph 2:10)?
Are You "Saved," or Are You "Being Saved” (1 Cor 15:2)
Are you being saved while you are persevering? (1 Cor 15:2)
Are you Christian "Nice"?
Are you thankful for someone’s faithfulness under trial? (2 Tim 1:3–5)
As a Father Disciplines his Son (Heb 12:5)
At the Name of Jesus (Phil 2:10)
At what point does interpretation run counter to biblical intention?
Awkward Greek Phrases (Matt 8:28)
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