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Thursday, April 30, 2020

3 John 4 and Walking in (the) Truth

Is there a difference in saying that John has no greater joy than hearing his children are walking “in the truth,” or walking “in truth”? If the Greek article in not in the prepositional phrase, then why do most English translations include it?


I am taking GRU and module 6 on Prepositions sent me to this video. Concerning 3 John 4, your "NA28 Greek NT" does not include the definite article, which is the whole point of the video blog. However I opened your Greek and English Interlinear NT (second edition), and in that passage (page 929) the article IS present, with 3836, and d.dsf as parsing codes. Why is that? (in reading the Technical Comments page ix, you mention that this greek text is the compilation of 4 others - is this the answer?) Thank you.