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Bible Contradictions

This is where I will handle apparent contradictions in the Bible that I was not able to cover in my book, Why I Trust the Bible.

Interpretation First things first. Is your interpretation accurate?
Exodus 3, 19 Is the mountain named Mt. Horeb or Mt. Sinai?
Exod 20; Ezek 18 Are children punished for their parents' sins, or not?
Matthew 1; Luke 3 Why are Jesus' genealogies different?
Mark 6:8; Mt 10:10; Lk 9:30 In one gospel, Jesus says the disciples could take a staff; in another, it hem says they could not.
Luke 7:36–50 The Woman/Women who poured perfume on Jesus
John 18:13; Matt 26:57f. Was Jesus taken to Annas or Caiaphas?
Peter's denials How many times did Peter actually deny knowing Jesus?
Matthew 27:9 When Matthew sees the prophecy about Judas's death, he says it comes from Jeremiah, although most people argue it is from Zechariah.
Acts 10:30 Was Cornelius' vision 3 or 4 days earlier?