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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The primary resources are available under the Resources menu. Please check there for your question. We are not able to support our free products nor our products purchased from other vendors such as Zondervan, Logos, or BibleMesh.

Basics of Biblical Greek

Differences between the third and fourth edition of BBG4.

Online lectures

1. How do I access my online lectures that I purchased on BillMounce?

Click here.

2. I bought my Greek lectures somewhere other than Can I still access the online lectures?

No. We only supply and support products purchased on

3. How do I move my videos onto my phone or iPad?

Most people use iTunes to move videos into their computer and from there to their phones.

4. My online lectures start and stop.

The issue is probably your bandwidth. Click here for help.

Free resources

Most of the resources of are available for free. However, only people who purchased the lectures on have access to the online lectures and screencasts.

1. I need help on FlashWorks

Facebook page for FlashWorks where you can post questions and interact with the FlashWorks community. There is also extensive online help within the software.

2. How do I install the sound files for FlashWorks?

Click here

3. My CD-ROM is no longer working.

The CD-ROM is no longer available, we do not have any extra copies, and we do not provide support for it. This was a Zondervan product. However, everything on the CD-ROM is now in the online class for free. If you can find a copy of it, you are free to make copies of it. We do not have any copies.