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Thank you to those who have donated to help cover the costs of keeping FlashWorks and ParseWorks current. The software and server costs are about $1,000 a year. Please click here to donate.

You can also get a list of the vocabulary sorted by the order in Basics of Biblical Greek and also alphabetically.


The installer loads most of the data into your Documents >> FlashWorks folder, including the audio. If you want to download the audio again, click here and uncompress the downloaded file. It should be named "audio" and placed inside the FlashWorks folder. If you want the older Hebrew audio files, click here but be sure to rename the uncompressed folder to "audio" and not "audio-hebrew".


FlashWorks is a vocabulary drilling program. Each word is tagged for difficulty, type (noun, verb, etc.), chapter, and frequency in the Biblical text. You can then ask for any cross-section you wish, such as "all verbs occurring more than 30 times in the New Testament that occur in chapters 16 through 24 in the textbook and which I have tagged with a difficulty rating of three through five" (five being the most difficult for you). FlashWorks remembers words as you get them right and/or wrong and can automatically set the difficulty rating. There are databases for Greek (Basics of Biblical Greek), Hebrew (Basics of Biblical Hebrew), and other languages.

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