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Quick Start

When FlashWorks starts, it tries to open its default datafile in the same folder/directory as the application. When you first received the program, this was set to "FlashWorks.vdb", but this can be reset in the Saved Preferences. If FlashWorks finds the database, it loads the saved preferences and finds the words that match the saved search preferences.

Session shows you the current search preferences. You can change Session preferences without changing your saved preferences.

Get reloads all the words matching your current session preferences.

Mix these words if you want into a random order.

Choose the right mode

Choose either Auto or Manual mode.

  • Automatic mode. FlashWorks waits the number of seconds you have set in the preferences, and then shows the word's meaning or the next word. The button's label changes to Pause. If you click it, the button's label becomes Resume and FlashWorks pauses. Click Resume to continue.
  • Manual mode requires that you click the Next and Previous buttons to move to the definition or the next word.

Start Working


There are four buttons that initially say Previous, Next, Next, Next.

Previous moves you to the previous word. Any of the three Next buttons move you to the definition of the current word.

Once you have clicked Next, the two middle buttons become Wrong and Right. If you did not remember the definition of a word, click Wrong, otherwise Right. After three times of getting a word correct, FlashWorks changes the word's difficulty rating (see below).

When these two buttons say Next, they have the same function as the normal Next button.

Learn better

Difficulty. This is FlashWorks' way of remembering what words you know and which you don't. It gives you the ability to categorize your words with the rating of 1,2,3,4, or 5. When you set your preferences, you can search for all words of any range of difficulties. For example, words with a difficulty of 1 you probably know and don't need to review very often. Difficulty of 4 means review, let's say, once a week. Difficulty of 5 means you review every day. You can set up your own schedule, but you get the idea.

If the meaning is showing, you can change the difficulty for that word manually using the popup menu.

All words come with a difficulty of 5. As you learn the words (using the Right button), this value is decremented until it gets to 1. The same is true in reverse. If you get the word wrong three times (using the Wrong button), the number is increased by one. This is true as long as the check button Set difficulty automatically is checked for that word.

Saving your work

File > > Save changes. None of the changes are saved unless you select Save changes from the File menu. If you select Ignore changes, and changes are permanently lost.

File >> Session information. You can see a session report by accessing the menu File >> Session information, and this includes printing out a report of all the words you missed.