New Testament Greek 1 (Track 2)

Review #2

Review #2 over chapters 6 – 9

Class Orientation

Welcome to Greek class. Please read for all sorts of information.

1. The Greek Language

Summarizes the history of the Greek language and sets Koine Greek in its historical context.

2. Learning Greek

This is an helpful chapter in how you can study Greek.

3. The Alphabet and Pronunciation

The letters of the Greek alphabet and how to pronounce them.

4. Punctuation and Syllabification

Breaking words into their parts so they can be pronounced.

5. Introduction to English nouns

This chapter summarizes what you need to know about English grammar in order to learn the Greek case system.

6. Nominative and Accusative; Definite Article

We will learn the first two of the four cases in Greek, and will also work with the word basically meaning, "the."

7. Genitive and Dative

We now learn the last two of the four cases. The genitive is the idea of "of," and the dative covers many ideas such as "in, by, for, with," etc.

8. Prepositions and εἰμί

Prepositions are the little words/phrases like "under, into, out of." ειμι is the verb meaning "to be."