Bill Mounce

For an Informed Love of God

New Testament Greek 1 (Track 2)

23. First Aorist Active/Middle Indicative

 Another way to say, "I believed."

24. Aorist and Future Passive Indicative

 How to say "I was believed" and "I will be believed."

25. Perfect Indicative

 How to say, "I have believed"

Review 5

Review over chapters 22–25, and John 9:18–34.

26. Introduction to Participles

The basic grammar of participles, English and Greek

27. Imperfective (Present) Adverbial Participles

 How to say "I am believing" or "I was believing"

28. Perfective (Aorist) Adverbial Participles

 Participles that have no ongoing aspect.

29. Adjectival Participles

How participles can modify a noun

30. Combinative (Perfect) Participles and Genitive Absolutes

 How to say "having believed"

31. Subjunctive

 How to say "I should believe" and "might believe"

32. Infinitive

 How to say "to believe"

33. Imperative

 How to say "Believe!"

34. Indicative of δίδωμι

The first of three chapters on μι verbs

35. Nonindicative of δίδωμι; Conditional Sentences

 The rest of omicron μι verbs, and the "if ... then ..." construction

36. ἵστημι, τίθημι, δείκνυμι; Odds 'n Ends

This is it! The last chapter.

Review 7

Review over chapters 31–36, and Matthew 13:1–23

37. What's Next, and Other Blogs

Bill's final encouragement as to what you should do next, and blogs you will find encouraging that are not attached to a specific chapter.