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Second Year Greek

In second-year Greek, you will build on the building blocks of first-year Greek. This is why you actually learned Greek, to read the Greek New Testament. You will read twenty different passages from the Greek Testament and a few from other sources.

In the link below, “Resources,” you will find listed everything you need to learn Greek, both books that Bill Mounce has written and other recommended texts.

We are leaving this class open to the public for now. If you use it, please purchase the textbook, A Graded Reader of Biblical Greek, upon which these talks are based. Or you could just make a donation to help cover our costs.

Lesson Completed

These are Bill's recommended resources for second year Greek.


In this lesson we will cover the basics of the class. Please listen to the video and read the following carefully.

1 John 1:1–2:6; 2:28–3:10

If you have not yet learned conditional sentences, be sure you do so before working through this passage. See BBG, p. 330, and Wallace, 679-701.

John 15:1–27

In this passage you will see the value of carefully watching shifts in tenses. It also illustrates the importance of recognizing that even in the indicative, the primary significance of a tense is its aspect, not its time.

Mark 1:1–28

Many of the exercises in The Basics of Biblical Greek were drawn from the initial chapters of Mark so much of this chapter may feel familiar. There are a large number of comments in the Exegetical Discussion section for this chapter, so please be sure to have your Cheat Sheet out and learn the categories in bold.

Mark 8:27-9:8

This is one of my favorite passages. The Greek isn't any more difficult than the previous chapter, but it's teaching on discipleship is central to who we are. Please be sure to spend time in class talking about what discipleship is and how it should affect you and your relationship with God and others.