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In this lesson we will cover the basics of the class. Please listen to the video and read the following carefully.

Write in Greek

For instructions on how to use unicode to write in Greek, click here.

My Students

The following instructions are for students taking the class from Bill.


In third semester we will learn the vocabulary words that occur in the New Testament 17 times or more. You can download a spreadsheet that has the words sorted by frequency, or you can purchase Professor Metzger's Lexical Aids for Students of New Testament Greek. Here are some numbers as an encouragement.

  • In BBG you already learned words occurring 50 times or more (322 words)
  • In third semester you will learn words occurring 17 to 49 times (416 words)
  • In fourth semester you will learn words occurring 10 to 16 times (411 words)

This will give you a total vocabulary of 1,149 words. To make the transition easier, the first two quizzes in third semester will be review.

Class preparation

  1. Take the vocabulary quiz before class starts. It can be downloaded from the lecture page. Then download the key and grade your answers. Email your grade to the class TA. If you find yourself wondering if your answer was right, once you see the key, then answer that for yourself. You know whether you knew the word or not.
  2. Translate the passage for the chapter before class. Make sure you know how to translate every verse without aids.
  3. In class I will show the verse on the screen without any aids, and will call on random people to translate it. For the mid-term and final, you are responsible to know everything without the help of aids — every word; every grammatical point made in the footnotes.