Bill Mounce

For an Informed Love of God

Saved Preferences

This is the main search criteria. Every search requires you setting a highest and lowest difficulty. If you don't want any of the other three categories to affect your search, uncheck the check boxes.

The Chapter and Frequency options are applicable only in a closed set of words, like a textbook or Biblical Greek and Hebrew.


Set the font and its color for the display of the vocabulary word, the font for displaying its definition, and the English font and its size for printing.


If you want FlashWorks to set the difficulty of words based on your choosing "Right" or "Wrong," then check this checkbox. You can turn this automatic function on and off on a word by word bases by checking/unchecking the box on the main window when the definition is showing.

If you choose Automatic mode, FlashWorks waits this number of seconds before moving to the definition or the next word.

If you want to set a different database as the default database (i.e., the one that opens up automatically when FlashWorks begins), change it here by clicking o the Browse button.

Keyboard shortcuts

The values you enter here appear in the Commands menu, allowing you to use whatever shortcut keys you wish.