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Is There Really No Condemnation for All Who Claim to Follow Christ? (Rom 8:1)
Is there such a thing as a “fake” Jew
Is waiting on tables a ministry? (Acts 6:2)
Is καί part of the text (Phil 2:4)?
Is κυριος Nominative or Vocative? (John 20:28)
Is “Beloved” Still a Word? (Romans 12:19)
Is “Dynamic Equivalent” a Dirty Word?
Is “has been causing to grow” redundant? (1 Cor 3:6)
Is “He is Risen” Passive?
Is “of” clear enough?
I’m Still Standing!
Jairus’ Daughter and Verb Tenses
Jesus is Back in Jude
Jesus is the Gospel (1 John 1:1)
Jesus' Ambiguous Answer to Judas (Matt 26:25)
Jesus’ possible play on Judas’ words
John 3:1 Now (δέ)
John 3:16 (quotation marks)
Judgment and Snare of the Devil (1 Tim 3:6-7)
Keeping Word Plays (1 Tim 1:8)
Language is a Portrayal of Reality
Let’s Play “Fill in the Blanks” (1 Timothy 4:3)
Literal Translations and Paraphrases
Literally, There is No Such Thing as Literal
Literary Power and the Indefinite Article (Matt 5:38)
Lost in Pronouns (Luke 11:22)
Lots of Little Things (John 21:1-14)
Lots of noise in heaven (δεῖ; Luke 15:32)
Loving God, Others, and Ourselves
Luke 1:80 and the Imperfect
Man, a Man, Men at Familymas (Matt 9:8)
Meaning is Primarily Conveyed by Phrases, Not by Individual Words
Metaphors (Matt 11:19)
Missing Bible Verses
More on Aktionsart and how words convey meaning
More on the Subjunctive with May and Might
More Words than Differences among the New Testament Manuscripts. Part 1.
My Father Died Last Week
My Second Thoughts about Subjunctives in Purpose Clauses
Natural Language Translation (John 6:11)
No Words of God will Fail (Luke 1:37)
Nobody talks like that! (Ps 102:12)
Normal Sentence Order
Now leave him alone (Matt 27:49)
Nuances of loss meaning (James 1:6)
Obedience of faith (Rom 1:5)
Off topic: How many ways to be saved
One Example of the Passion Mistranslation (John 15:2)
One word can make all the difference
Our old friend σάρξ (2 Cor 7:5)