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God has No Concern for Oxen! Right? (1 Cor 9:9)
God works for our pleasure? (Phil 2:13)
God’s Gracious Gift of Suffering (Phil 1:29)
Good News and Bad News
Good Writing
Grace and the Church
Gracelessness and legalism (Mark 5:31)
Grant Repentance (2 Tim 2:25)
Great Commission and Participles
Greek Exegesis and Humility (Mark 16:16)
Greek Phrase Word Order that Miscommunicates
Greek Students Should Do Two Translations (Matt 13:11)
Greek Things (Phil 2:20-21)
Greek Tidbits (καί and ἄνθρωπος)
Greek Verse of the Week
Greek Verse of the Week: John 3:16
Greek Word Order (Galatians 2:19)
Greek Word Order and Nuance (Eph 2:8–9)
Greek words with no English equivalent
Greetings from South Africa
Hail Mary the Queen, and Word Studies (Luke 1:28)
Hating and being Hated
He … he … he … (Mark 3:7 – 5:6)
Hebraic Genitives (1 Tim 1:11)
Hell, Hades, Gehenna, and the Realm of the Dead (Acts 2:27)
Here we go again
How an article makes a prepositional phrase into a noun
How can I be Perfect? (Matthew 5:48)
How can Jesus take something away from someone who has nothing (Luke 8:18)
How can the genitive mean “in” (Gal 2:16)?
How can the Imperfect be Instantaneous?
How Can Time Mean “Delay”? (Rev 10:6)
How Can We Know the Depth of God’s Love If It Surpasses Knowledge? (Eph 3:18–19)
How can you tell if the Greek is making a statement or asking a question? (Matthew 8:7)
How can you “Answer” when there is no Question? (Matt 14:28)
How Do We Define Biblical Words?
How do we know what made-up words mean?
How do you clarify the meaning of a list? (1 Timothy 5:10)
How Do You Know You Are Forgiven? (1 John 1:9)
How do you use Greek in the pulpit?
How Many Categories of Translations are There?
How Many Times Did Jesus Offer Forgiveness from the Cross? (Luke 23:34)
How Much of the Spirit do You Possess? (John 3:34)
How much should we ask of our students? (Mark 12:28)
How Rude was Jesus?
How the article can be translated "the," "this," our "our" (1 Tim 1:5)
How to say “No” really loud
How to Talk about Sin Without Using Religious Language
How to tell a Story in Greek (1 Tim 1:6)
How to Translate Meaning