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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Hating and being Hated

Titus 3:3 paints a pretty dark picture of who we were before Christ. It may seem like a small point, but does Paul say we were “detestable,” or both being hated and hating others”? Either way, do we really believe this? The ramifications for evangelism are significant.


Also check this comment in the LSJ on στυγεω: "...never in Att. Prose: stronger than μισέω, for it means to show hatred, not merely to feel it, τὸ πρᾶγμα . ., ἢν μὲν ἀξίως μισεῖν ἔχῃ, στυγεῖν δίκαιον E.El.1017..." [Euripides, Electra, Line 1017]. So, I think στυγητοι refers to the action/behavior, with μισουντες the root motivation of that action, that we feel hate for one another and so act in a hateful manner.

I don't believe it because there's no manuscript evidence to support the wording attributed to Saul-Paul in Titus 3:3.