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Common sense to the rescue (James 3:7)
Concordance in 2 Cor 3:5-6
Concordance or Meaning? (Matt 7:13–14)
Concordance, but at What cost? (2 Cor 2:16)
Concordance, the Good and the Bad
Confess and Believe (Rom 10:9)
Conflicting Translation Procedures (Rom 2:27, 29)
Confusing Concordance (Matt 20:26)
Confusion or Clarity? (Romans 10:17)
Conjunctions and an Error in the Bible?
Count the Cost in Conversion?
Covenants and Wills (Heb 9:16-17)
Dangerous Compassion
Dative Absolute?
Deny Yourself (Mark 8:34)
Did Cornelius call the angel “God”?
Did Jesus Affirm or Question Thomas? (John 20:29)
Did Jesus Become Something He Wasn't? (Romans 1:4)
Did Jesus Care the Disciples were Drowning? (Mark 4:38)
Did Jesus give up “the” or “his” spirit on the cross (John 19:30)
Did Jesus Hang on a Pole? (Gal 3:3)
Did Jesus Lie? (John 7:8)
Did Jesus Need to be Driven into the Desert? (Mark 1:12)
Did Jesus Really Believe He Would be Resurrected? (John:12-32)
Did Jesus Use the Whip on People? (John 2:15)
Did Jesus “accept” human testimony? (John 5:34)
Did Jesus' Star "arise," or was it "in the East"? (Matthew 2:2)
Did John Drink Vodka? (Luke 1:15)
Did the Disciples Worship or Doubt?
Did the Israelites Walk or Swim? (Heb 11:29)
Did the Judge Fear Getting Beat Up? (Luke 18:5)
Did the Laodicean Church Write a Letter? (Col 4:16)
Did the Temple “take” or “has taken” 46 years? (John 2:20)
Did they continue or start to speak boldly? (Acts 4:31)
Did You Know Paul was Raised in Minnesota? (Rom 8:17)
Difference between "prevent" and "hinder" (Rom 15:22)
Difference between “have” and “have” (Acts 23:19)
Divine Passives and Seminary Education (Eph 3:19)
Divorce ... for each and every reason (Matt 19:3)
Do all things really work for good? (Romans 8:28)
Do All Things “Magically” Work Together for Good? (Rom 8:28)
Do Bible Translators deliberately Mistranslate?
Do Christians Really Enjoy Creation? (1 Tim 6:17)
Do Elder’s Children Have to be Believers? (Titus 1:6)
Do Masters Love their Slaves? (1 Tim 6:2)
Do Modern Bibles Omit the Trinity? (1 John 5:7b-8a)
Do Modern Translations Deny the Trinity? (1 John 5:7b–8a)
Do the Dogs Deserve the Crumbs? (Matt 15:27)
Do we ask God to Forgive our Sins or our Trespasses? (Matt 6:12)?
Do we entrust God with our soul or with everything? (1 Pet 4:19)