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Overseer, or Office of Overseer” (1 Tim 3:1)
Paragraphs (Col 2:9 and 4:10)
Pastors and Teachers, and the Article (Eph 4:11)
Paul's Prayer for Glorious and Lavish Strength (Eph 3:6)
Periphrastics and Textual Criticism (1 John 1:4)
Personal Note: NIV 2011
Philippians 2:5
Play on words (1 Timothy 1:8)
Play on Words (John 15:2-3)
Prayer and Fasting (1 Cor 7:5)
Preaching and Toastmasters
Prepositions and Christology (1 Timothy 1:2)
Prepositions can be such a pain (Rom 8:9)
Preserving Images in Translation (Heb 10:29)
Pretend You’re a Translator (Col 1:12)
Punctuation (dashes) in Romans 3:25
Quench the Spirit? (1 Thess 5:19)
Quotation Marks (Romans 3:27)
Quotations marks and 1 Corinthians
Range of Meaning for λόγος (Mark 9:10)
Ransom and Redemption (Heb 9:15)
Reconciled … if we continue (Col 1:21-23)
Reflections on Choice and Options
Relative Time in Participles
Renewal or Destruction, and Does It Really Matter? (2 Peter 3:9–12)
Respecting parts of speech (Hebrews 13:21)
Sabbath(s) and Sunday (σάββατον)
Salvation by God’s Grace, Not Our Works (Eph 1:10)
Seek Righteousness; Find Righteousness (Prov 21:21)
Semicolons (Romans 9:4; 1 Timothy 3:2)
Shift from Seed to Person (Matt 13:19)
Should or Will Perish? (John 3:16)
Should The Gospel of Thomas be in the Bible?
Should We Capitalize Divine Pronouns?
Should we forfeit the word “forfeit”? (Matt 16:26)
Should you practice your sermons? (1 Cor 1:17)
Sick or Depressed? (James 5:14f.)
Sodom, Gomorrah, and Pornography (Jude 7)
Spiritual Gifts and Practice
Spiritual “Gifts” or “Things” (1 Cor 12:1)
Spiritually strong? (Luke 1:80)
Statistics don’t lie, but Statisticians can mislead (1 John 1:7)
Strike or Kill (Joshua 20:3)
Submissive to Whom? (1 Tim 2:11)
Subtle difference between "have" and "get" (Matt 19:16)
Subtle ways of translating
Summer Break
Summer break
Summer vacation
Taking a Break