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When a Gloss is Not Enough
When all else fails, find the verb (1 John 1:1,3)
When an Initial καί Matters (Mark 12:30)
When Bibles do, and don't, follow the Greek. A Couple Examples.
When did the Angels Come? (Mark 1:13)
When does "Immediately" Not Mean "Immediately" (Gal 1:16)?
When does "That" Mean "He"? (Mark 6:2)
When does a singular better translate a plural? (Phil 4:13)
When does γάρ not mean “for”? (Matt 5:20)
When does καί not mean “and”? (Eph 1:1)
When does “Not” mean “Never”? (Matt 5:18, 20)
When does “No” become “Never”? (Mark 10:15)
When does “Of” mean “Namely” or “Is”?
When does “You” mean ”Y’all” (1 Cor 3:16)
When Gramar Fails (Matt 10:10)
When Greek does not Supply a Direct Object (Phil 3:12)
When is "them" confusing? (Luke 9:26)
When is "You" Singular and When is it plural, and does it matter? (Matthew 26:40)
When is a Perfect a Present? (οἷδα)
When is a Sentence a Question?
When is a θη Form not Passive?
When is an Adjective not an Adjective?
When is Greek Grammar Bad English Grammar? (1 Cor 9:6)
When is it a question? (Gal 1:10)
When is then, then? (Mt 27:38)
When is Tribulation only Affliction?
When is “Was” Really an “Is”? (John 5:13)
When is “You” not “You” (John 1:51)
When Not to Say “Hello” (2 John 10)
When to Trust a Word’s Etymology (1 Tim 1:3)
When Translating Participles with “-ing” is Not Enough (1 Tim 4:4)
When Translators Cross the Line (Matt 6:13)
When verse references get in the way (Luke 24:33–34)
When Word Order Makes a Significant Difference (1 Cor 11:24–26)
When Word-for-Word is Ambiguous (John 9:7)
When words mean what they don’t mean
When you can’t say “he” or “she”
When you read the Greek, are you reading the original?
When γάρ Can’t Mean “For” (Romans 12:3)
When καί is a Comma, and Deceptive Marketing (Mark 3:16–19)
When οὔν Doesn’t Mean “Therefore” (John 11:6).
When “Of” Doesn’t Work (2 Cor 5:5)
Where are the blind pastors? (1 Cor 12:22)
Where did Monday w/ Mounce go?
Where did the verse go? (Rom 8:2)
Where did those missing words go? (Matt 21:30)
Where Did v 4 Go? (John 5:4)
Where does the power to change come from?
Where O where did our inheritance go? (Eph 1:11)
Where O Where did the Antecedent Go? (Phil 1:19)