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Monday, January 9, 2023

Whatever Happened to “Behold”?

Many of the newer translations often don't use the word Behold.” Why? Are there other ways to translate the Greek word behind “Behold”?


Hi Bill, I prefer what the ESV does. Behold is a command and it seems to be saying “Pay attention, this is important”. This can be in the immediate context, such as ‘he said, Behold’, or it can be a command to the reader. Regards, Kevin Rogers

In today's vernacular "Check it out" or "Check it" captures a lot of the meaning.

I believe a correct translation in today's vernacular is "yo dawg, check it" (I know my congregation of mostly elderly Caucasian farmers and teachers are SO DOWN with this.)

I wonder if, in situations where there is nothing to actually LOOK at or SEE, could "consider this" or "try to grasp or understand this" be appropriate? Sort of "see with the MIND what is not visible to the eyes alone."