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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Greek Verse of the Week

I am toying with the idea of starting a yet third blog that focuses on helping people review first year Greek. I will focus on just first year and, for the most part, not introduce second year grammar. You have enough to review without more stuff. I will be covering the passages in my Graded Greek Reader. Here is the first; please let me know if it is helpful.


You had asked if this was helpful... Yes, if you have the time, I greatly appreciate your efforts! Thank you!

Please do.


Thanks Bill. I hope you will continue this new blog.

Would ABSOLUTELY be appreciated. Your articles are focused on the main point, yet give a breadth of information surrounding it, and remind me of SO much that I heard in lectures years ago, but need brought back to mind!

Yes, please!

Do it!

Thanks for doing this - I would certainly appreciate more of these.

I find this very helpful, even as a third-year student. Please continue the series, Dr. Mounce, and thank you very much!

I appreciate this too, more of these would be a blessing! πολύς εὐλογία me

I would say this is helpful for me, and I would be glad to see you start this blog. I completed your BBG about 2 years ago, and I recently have been spending a lot more time in the Greek NT, learning vocabulary and just becoming familiar with the text. Your blogs are one way for me to continue learning.

Would be very helpful to me - parsing is not easy for me and this would be a great help. I pray God bless you for blessing us, and that He will provide you with the time and resources for it.

I am re-learning Greek after retiring as a pastor to read and study the NT again in Greek. This Greek Verse of the Week would be most helpful. Thank you for this great gift!

I'm so glad you've started this blog Bill! Bless ya!

Hi Bill Letting you know that I find this approach very helpful. Having never had the time to attend a Biblical Koine Greek class, hearing all of the grammar facts put together to form a translation is immensly helpful to me. I have learned almost all the Greek grammar I know from simply working through your 3rd Edition of BBG in my spare time, and attempting traslations. Thank you for taking yet more of your time to prepare this blog. God Bless Conrad