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Bible Study Greek, or Biblical Greek

There are two ways you can learn biblical Greek, and it all depends on your goal.

  • If you want to go deeper in your Bible study but don't have the time for the memory and review work, and if you are comfortable using a computer or an interlinear, then “Bible Study Greek” is the solution and your textbook will be Greek for the Rest of Us.
  • If you want to be able to sit down and read the Greek New Testament with minimal helps (like a lexicon), then you want the “Biblical Greek” approach that uses the textbook, Basics of Biblical Greek.

Option 1: Bible Study Greek

The textbook, Greek for the Rest of Us, now has a video series and a laminate sheet along with the online class that will help teach you enough Greek so that you can use your Bible study tools better, and all without the pain normally associated with learning a language. This is for people who say:

  • I want to have access to the Greek behind the English in my translations.
  • I want to understand the information my Strongs Bible gives me.
  • I want to do Greek word studies, not English.
  • I want to use better dictionaries and commentaries, and not be frightened by the Greek words.
  • I don't have the time to do all the memory of traditional language learning.

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Option 2: Biblical Greek

If your goal is to learn to read the Greek Testament without the aid of computer programs, then have we got the resources for you! We have the grammar, workbook, video lectures, and the free online class.

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