Bill Mounce

For an Informed Love of God

Bible Study Greek Video Lectures

In these 16 hours of video lectures, Dr. Mounce will teach you enough Greek so you can go deeper in your Bible Study, but without all the time and memory work required by traditional Greek learning approaches.

The video lectures are available on a flash drive (mp4 format), which you can load into your computer or phone. You can also purchase online access (365 days).

You can view the first several lessons for free in our online class, which has handouts and other aids.


The lectures in the flash drives follow the third edition of the textbook. Flash drives can only be shipped to the USA and Canada.


If you purchase the flash drive, you are also given free access (365 days) to all the lectures in both online classes

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  1. Flash drive: $149
  2. Online access (for 365 days): $89