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Basics of Biblical Greek Video Lectures

I taught for years at the university and graduate level, and my textbook, Basics of Biblical Greek, has become the standard text. Students paid thousands of dollars to attend my classes, and now you too can enjoy the same lectures. There are 37 lectures ranging between 20 and 35 minutes each, covering almost every paragraph in BBG.

They are based on the fourth edition of BBG but work fine with earlier versions. A full list of the changes are included with your order.

Included are the screencasts that cover every chapter in the workbook (more information).

The video lectures are available on a flash drive (mp4 format), which you can load into your computer (including iTunes) or phone. You can also purchase  online access (365 days), and the audio can be downloaded. Select the correct option from the dropdown menu below.

To say thank you for any purchase, you will be able to download the vocabulary files in mp3 format. Go to your user account, click on the Files tab, and click to download.

We are sorry, but we are no longer able to ship outside of North America. You can buy access to the online classes. If you can download 20 gigs of data, then please contact support for a special option.

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  1. Flash drive (video and screencasts): $189
  2. Online access (video and screencasts for 365 days): $89