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Forms of the word
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Principal Parts: 
φυλάξω, ἐφύλαξα, πεφύλαχα, -, ἐφυλάχθην
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Frequency in New Testament: 
Morphology of Biblical Greek Tag: 
to obey, keep; to guard, watch; to keep away from, abstain
to be on watch, keep, watch, Lk. 2:8; to have in keeping, Acts 20:20; to have in custody, Acts 28:16; to keep under restraint, confine, Lk. 8:29; Acts 12:4; 23:35; to guard, defend, Lk. 11:21; to keep safe, preserve, Jn. 12:25; 17:12; 2 Thess. 3:3; 2 Pet. 2:5; Jude 24; to keep in abstinence, Acts 21:25; 1 Jn. 5:21; to observe a matter of injunction or duty, Mk. 10:20; Lk. 11:28; Acts 7:53; 16:4; 21:24; mid. to be on one's guard, beware, Lk. 12:15; 2 Tim. 4:15; 2 Pet. 3:17

Greek-English Concordance for φυλάσσω

Matthew 19:20 The young man said to him, “All these I have kept (ephylaxa | ἐφύλαξα | aor act ind 1 sg). What do I still lack?”
Mark 10:20 And the man said to him, “Teacher, all these I have kept (ephylaxamēn | ἐφυλαξάμην | aor mid ind 1 sg) from my youth.”
Luke 2:8 There were shepherds in that region who were living out in the fields and keeping (phylassontes | φυλάσσοντες | pres act ptcp nom pl masc) night-watch over their flock.
Luke 8:29 For Jesus had commanded the unclean spirit to come out of the man; for many times it had seized him and he was kept under guard and bound (phylassomenos | φυλασσόμενος | pres pass ptcp nom sg masc) with chains and shackles, yet he would break his bonds and be driven by the demon into the desert.
Luke 11:21 “When the strong man, fully armed, guards (phylassē | φυλάσσῃ | pres act subj 3 sg) his own palace, his goods are secured;
Luke 11:28 But he said, “On the contrary, blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and keep (phylassontes | φυλάσσοντες | pres act ptcp nom pl masc) it!”
Luke 12:15 And he said to them, “Watch out and be on guard (phylassesthe | φυλάσσεσθε | pres mid imperative 2 pl) against all types of greed, because one’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.”
Luke 18:21 The man replied, “All these I have kept (ephylaxa | ἐφύλαξα | aor act ind 1 sg) since my youth.”
John 12:25 The one who loves his life loses it, and the one who hates his life in this world preserves (phylaxei | φυλάξει | fut act ind 3 sg) it for eternal life.
John 12:47 If anyone hears my words and does (phylaxē | φυλάξῃ | aor act subj 3 sg) not keep (phylaxē | φυλάξῃ | aor act subj 3 sg) them, I am not the one who will judge him; for I did not come to judge the world but to save the world.
John 17:12 While I was with them, I protected them in your name, which you have given me. I guarded (ephylaxa | ἐφύλαξα | aor act ind 1 sg) them, and not one of them has been lost except the son of destruction, that the scripture might be fulfilled.
Acts 7:53 You, who received the law by decrees given by angels and did (ephylaxate | ἐφυλάξατε | aor act ind 2 pl) not keep (ephylaxate | ἐφυλάξατε | aor act ind 2 pl) it.”
Acts 12:4 When he had seized him, he put him in prison, handing him over to four squads of four soldiers each to guard (phylassein | φυλάσσειν | pres act inf ) him, wishing after the Passover to bring him out to the people.
Acts 16:4 As they went through the cities, they delivered to them for observance (phylassein | φυλάσσειν | pres act inf ) the decrees that had been decided on by the apostles and elders who were in Jerusalem.
Acts 21:24 Take these men and purify yourself along with them and pay their expenses that they may shave their heads, and everyone will know that there is nothing in what they have been told about you, but that you yourself walk keeping (phylassōn | φυλάσσων | pres act ptcp nom sg masc) the law.
Acts 21:25 But as for the Gentiles who have believed, we sent a letter with our judgment that they should abstain (phylassesthai | φυλάσσεσθαι | pres mid inf ) from what has been sacrificed to idols, and from blood, and from what has been strangled, and from sexual immorality.”
Acts 22:20 And when the blood of Stephen, your witness, was being shed, I myself was standing by approving and guarding (phylassōn | φυλάσσων | pres act ptcp nom sg masc) the cloaks of those who were killing him.’
Acts 23:35 he said, “I will give you a hearing when your accusers arrive.” Then he commanded that Paul be (phylassesthai | φυλάσσεσθαι | pres pass inf ) guarded (phylassesthai | φυλάσσεσθαι | pres pass inf ) in Herod’s headquarters.
Acts 28:16 And when we entered Rome, Paul was allowed to stay by himself, with a soldier guarding (phylassonti | φυλάσσοντι | pres act ptcp dat sg masc) him.
Romans 2:26 Therefore if the uncircumcised man keeps (phylassē | φυλάσσῃ | pres act subj 3 sg) the righteous requirements of the law, will not his uncircumcision be counted as circumcision?
Galatians 6:13 For even those who are circumcised do (phylassousin | φυλάσσουσιν | pres act ind 3 pl) not themselves keep (phylassousin | φυλάσσουσιν | pres act ind 3 pl) the law, but they want you to be circumcised so that they may boast in your flesh.
2 Thessalonians 3:3 But the Lord is faithful; he will establish you and guard (phylaxei | φυλάξει | fut act ind 3 sg) you from the evil one.
1 Timothy 5:21 I solemnly charge you before God and Christ Jesus and the elect angels that you (phylaxēs | φυλάξῃς | aor act subj 2 sg) keep (phylaxēs | φυλάξῃς | aor act subj 2 sg) these things without prejudging, doing nothing with partiality.
1 Timothy 6:20 O Timothy, guard (phylaxon | φύλαξον | aor act imperative 2 sg) the deposit entrusted to you, avoiding the unholy chatter and contradictions of what is falsely named “knowledge,”
2 Timothy 1:12 for which reason even I am suffering these things; but I am not ashamed, for I know in whom I have trusted and I am fully convinced that he is able to (phylaxai | φυλάξαι | aor act inf ) guard (phylaxai | φυλάξαι | aor act inf ) my deposit until that day.
2 Timothy 1:14 Guard (phylaxon | φύλαξον | aor act imperative 2 sg) the good deposit by the Holy Spirit that indwells us.
2 Timothy 4:15 against (phylassou | φυλάσσου | pres mid imperative 2 sg) whom also you should be on your guard (phylassou | φυλάσσου | pres mid imperative 2 sg), for he vehemently opposed our words.
2 Peter 2:5 and if he did not spare the ancient world (but preserved (ephylaxen | ἐφύλαξεν | aor act ind 3 sg) Noah, the eighth, a herald of righteousness) when he brought the deluge on an ungodly world;
2 Peter 3:17 You therefore, dear friends, knowing this beforehand, be on your guard (phylassesthe | φυλάσσεσθε | pres mid imperative 2 pl) that you are not led astray by the error of these lawless people and fall from your stable position.
1 John 5:21 Little children, keep (phylaxate | φυλάξατε | aor act imperative 2 pl) yourselves from idols.
Jude 1:24 Now to the one who is able to keep (phylaxai | φυλάξαι | aor act inf ) you from stumbling, and to make you stand in his glorious presence without blame and with great joy —