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8373824ξαίνωxainoto comb (wool)
35783825ξενίαxeniaplace to stay, guest room
35793826ξενίζωxenizoto receive a guest, entertain; …
35803827ξενοδοχέωxenodocheoto show hospitality
35813828ξένοςxenosstrange, foreign, alien; (n.) …
35823829ξέστηςxestespitcher, jug
35833830ξηραίνωxerainoto wither, shrivel; become rigid
35843831ξηρόςxerosdried up, (n.) dry land; shriveled, …
35853832ξύλινοςxylinosmade of wood, wooden
35863833ξύλονxylonwood; tree; wooden club, stocks
35873834ξυράωxyraoto have one's hair shaved