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Forms of the word
ὅσιος, ία, ιον
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holy, pious, devout; (n.) Holy One; divine decree (Ac 13:34)
pr. sanctioned by the supreme law of God, and nature; pious, devout, Tit. 1:8; pure, 1 Tim. 2:8; supremely holy, Acts 2:27; 13:35; Heb. 7:26; Rev. 15:4; 16:5; τὰ ὅσια, pledged bounties, mercies, Acts 13:34*

Greek-English Concordance for ὅσιος

Acts 2:27 For you will not abandon my soul to Hades, or allow your Holy (hosion | ὅσιον | acc sg masc) One to see corruption.
Acts 13:34 But regarding the fact that he has raised Jesus from the dead, no more about to return to corruption, thus he said: ‘I will give to you the sacred (hosia | ὅσια | acc pl neut) and sure promises made to David.’
Acts 13:35 So also in another psalm he says, ‘You will not let your Holy (hosion | ὅσιον | acc sg masc) One see corruption.’
1 Timothy 2:8 I desire, then, that the men should pray in every place by lifting up holy (hosious | ὁσίους | acc pl fem) hands, without anger and arguing.
Titus 1:8 but hospitable, loving what is good, self-controlled, just, holy (hosion | ὅσιον | acc sg masc), disciplined,
Hebrews 7:26 For such a high priest was appropriate for us, one who is holy (hosios | ὅσιος | nom sg masc), innocent, undefiled; having been separated from sinners, he became exalted above the heavens.
Revelation 15:4 Who will not fear you, O Lord, and glorify your name? For you alone are holy (hosios | ὅσιος | nom sg masc), for all nations will come and worship before you, for your righteous acts have been revealed.”
Revelation 16:5 Then I heard the angel in charge of the waters say, “You are just, O Holy (hosios | ὅσιος | voc sg masc) One (hosios | ὅσιος | voc sg masc), who is and who was, because you brought these judgments,