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Forms of the word
δεσμός, -οῦ, ὁ
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chain, fetter, imprisonment
a bond, anything by which one is bound, a cord, chain, fetters, etc.; and by meton. imprisonment, Lk. 8:29; Acts 16:26; 20:23; a string or ligament, as of the tongue, Mk. 7:35; met. an impediment, infirmity, Lk. 13:16

Greek-English Concordance for δεσμός

Mark 7:35 And immediately the man’s ears were opened, that which (desmos | δεσμός | nom sg masc) bound (desmos | δεσμός | nom sg masc) his tongue was loosened, and he began to speak clearly.
Luke 8:29 For Jesus had commanded the unclean spirit to come out of the man; for many times it had seized him and he was kept under guard and bound with chains and shackles, yet he would break his bonds (desma | δεσμά | acc pl neut) and be driven by the demon into the desert.
Luke 13:16 And ought not this woman, a daughter of Abraham whom Satan bound for eighteen years, be released from this bondage (desmou | δεσμοῦ | gen sg masc) on the day of the Sabbath?”
Acts 16:26 Suddenly there was a violent earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken; and immediately all the doors were opened and everyone’s chains (desma | δεσμά | nom pl neut) were unfastened.
Acts 20:23 except that the Holy Spirit testifies to me, saying that in every city imprisonment (desma | δεσμά | nom pl neut) and persecutions are waiting for me.
Acts 23:29 I found him accused in regard to questions of their law, but with no charge deserving death or imprisonment (desmōn | δεσμῶν | gen pl masc).
Acts 26:29 Paul replied, “I would to God that whether the time be short or long, not only you but also all those who are listening to me today would also become as I am, apart for these chains.” (desmōn | δεσμῶν | gen pl masc)
Acts 26:31 and after they had left the room, they spoke to one another, saying, “This man is doing nothing worthy of death or imprisonment.” (desmōn | δεσμῶν | gen pl masc)
Philippians 1:7 It is right for me to feel this way about all of you, because I have you in my heart, since both in my imprisonment (desmois | δεσμοῖς | dat pl masc) and in the defense and confirmation of the gospel, you all share with me in the grace of God.
Philippians 1:13 so that it has become known throughout the entire palace guard, and by everyone else, that my imprisonment (desmous | δεσμούς | acc pl masc) is for Christ,
Philippians 1:14 and that most of the brothers, having gained confidence in the Lord by my imprisonment (desmois | δεσμοῖς | dat pl masc), dare more than ever to speak the word of God without fear.
Philippians 1:17 The former proclaim Christ out of a sense of hostility, not sincerely, intending to increase my distress while I am in prison (desmois | δεσμοῖς | dat pl masc).
Colossians 4:18 I, Paul, write this greeting in my own hand. Paul, Remember my chains (desmōn | δεσμῶν | gen pl masc). Grace be with you.
2 Timothy 2:9 because of which I am suffering evil even to the point of imprisonment (desmōn | δεσμῶν | gen pl masc) as a serious criminal, but the word of God is not bound.
Philemon 1:10 I appeal to you for my child, Onesimus, whose father I became while in prison (desmois | δεσμοῖς | dat pl masc).
Philemon 1:13 I wanted to keep him with me, so that he could minister to me on your behalf during my imprisonment (desmois | δεσμοῖς | dat pl masc) for the gospel,
Hebrews 11:36 Others experienced jeering and flogging, and even chains (desmōn | δεσμῶν | gen pl masc) and prison.
Jude 1:6 And the angels who did not stay within their own domain but abandoned their proper dwelling, he has kept in (desmois | δεσμοῖς | dat pl masc) eternal chains (desmois | δεσμοῖς | dat pl masc) in utter darkness for the judgment of the great day.