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Forms of the word
ἀσέλγεια, -ας, ἡ
Greek transliteration: 
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Frequency in New Testament: 
Morphology of Biblical Greek Tag: 
debauchery, sensuality, lewdness
intemperance; licentiousness, lasciviousness, Rom. 13:13; insolence, outrageous behavior, Mk. 7:22

Greek-English Concordance for ἀσέλγεια

Mark 7:22 adulteries, greedy actions, wicked deeds, deceit, sensuality (aselgeia | ἀσέλγεια | nom sg fem), selfishness, slander, arrogance, lack of moral sense.
Romans 13:13 Let us live becomingly, as in the daytime, not in carousing and drunkenness, not in sexual promiscuity and sensuality (aselgeiais | ἀσελγείαις | dat pl fem), not in strife and jealousy.
2 Corinthians 12:21 I am afraid that when I come, my God may again humble me before you, and that I will mourn for many who have sinned earlier and have not repented of the impurity, sexual immorality, and debauchery (aselgeia | ἀσελγείᾳ | dat sg fem) in which they indulged.
Galatians 5:19 Now the works of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity, debauchery (aselgeia | ἀσέλγεια | nom sg fem),
Ephesians 4:19 Having lost all feeling of shame, they have given themselves over to debauchery (aselgeia | ἀσελγείᾳ | dat sg fem) for the practice of every kind of impurity with covetousness.
1 Peter 4:3 For the time already gone by is enough for you to have done what the pagans like to do, carrying on in sensuality (aselgeiais | ἀσελγείαις | dat pl fem), passions, drunkenness, orgies, drinking parties, and disgusting worship of idols.
2 Peter 2:2 Many will follow their immoral lifestyle (aselgeiais | ἀσελγείαις | dat pl fem), and because of them the way of truth will be maligned.
2 Peter 2:7 and rescued the righteous man Lot, who was distressed by the immoral (aselgeia | ἀσελγείᾳ | dat sg fem) lifestyle of lawless men
2 Peter 2:18 For by speaking pompous words of vanity, they entice, by lusts of the flesh and debauchery (aselgeiais | ἀσελγείαις | dat pl fem), those who are just escaping from those who are living in error.
Jude 1:4 For certain men have stolen in unawares — men who long ago were designated for this condemnation — ungodly men who turn the grace of our God into an excuse for blatant immorality (aselgeian | ἀσέλγειαν | acc sg fem), and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.