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shows inference or continuation: for, because, indeed, but
for; it is, however, frequently used with an ellipsis of the clause to which it has reference, and its force must then be variously expressed: Mt. 15:27; 27:23, et al.; it is also sometimes epexegetic, or introductory of an intimated detail of circumstances, now, then, Mt. 1:18

Greek-English Concordance for γάρ

Acts 4:34 For (gar | γάρ | conj) there was not a needy person among them, for (gar | γάρ | conj) as many as were owners of land or houses sold them and brought the proceeds from what was sold
Acts 5:26 Then the captain went with the officers and brought them, but not with force, for (gar | γάρ | conj) they feared the people, lest they be stoned.
Acts 5:36 For (gar | γάρ | conj) before these days there rose up Theudas, saying that he himself was someone, and a number of men, about four hundred, joined him. He was killed, and all, as many as followed him, were dispersed, and the movement came to nothing.
Acts 6:14 for (gar | γάρ | conj) we have heard him say that this Jesus the Nazarene will destroy this place and will change the customs that Moses handed down to us.”
Acts 7:33 And the Lord said to him, ‘Take off the sandals from your feet, for (gar | γάρ | conj) the place on which you stand is holy ground.
Acts 7:40 saying to Aaron, ‘Make for us gods who will go before us, for (gar | γάρ | conj) this Moses who brought us from the land of Egypt, we do not know what has happened to him.’
Acts 8:7 For (gar | γάρ | conj) many of those who had unclean spirits, crying with a loud voice, came out; and many paralyzed and lame were healed.
Acts 8:16 for (gar | γάρ | conj) he had not yet fallen on any one of them, but they had simply been baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus.
Acts 8:21 There is not for you a part or share in this matter, for (gar | γάρ | conj) your heart is not upright before God.
Acts 8:23 For (gar | γάρ | conj) I see that you are in the gall of bitterness and in the bond of unrighteousness.”
Acts 8:31 And he said, “How could I unless someone guide me?” And he invited Philip to come up and sit with him.
Acts 8:39 And when they came up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord suddenly took Philip away, and the eunuch saw him no more, but (gar | γάρ | conj) went on his way rejoicing.
Acts 9:11 Then the Lord told him, “Get up and go to the street called ‘Straight,’ and inquire at the house of Judas for a man from Tarsus named Saul, for (gar | γάρ | conj) even now he is praying,
Acts 9:16 for (gar | γάρ | conj) I will show him how much he must suffer for the sake of my name.”
Acts 10:46 For (gar | γάρ | conj) they were hearing them speaking with tongues and magnifying God. Then Peter declared,
Acts 13:8 But Elymas the magician (for (gar | γάρ | conj) that is the way his name is translated) opposed them, trying to turn the proconsul away from the faith.
Acts 13:27 For (gar | γάρ | conj) those who live in Jerusalem and their rulers, because they did not recognize him nor understand the utterances of the prophets, which are read every Sabbath, fulfilled them by condemning him.
Acts 13:36 For (gar | γάρ | conj) David, after he had served the purpose of God in his own generation, fell asleep and was laid with his fathers and saw corruption,
Acts 13:47 For (gar | γάρ | conj) thus the Lord has commanded us: ‘I have appointed you to be a light for the Gentiles, to bring salvation to the ends of the earth.’”
Acts 15:21 For (gar | γάρ | conj) from ancient generations Moses has had in every city those who proclaim him, because he is read aloud in the synagogues every Sabbath.”
Acts 15:28 For (gar | γάρ | conj) it seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us to impose on you no further burden than these essential requirements:
Acts 16:3 Paul wanted Timothy to accompany him, so he took him and circumcised him because of the Jews who were in those places; for (gar | γάρ | conj) they all knew that his father was a Greek.
Acts 16:28 But Paul called out in a loud voice, saying, “Do not harm yourself, for (gar | γάρ | conj) we are all here.”
Acts 16:37 But Paul said to them, “They have beaten us publicly, uncondemned, men who are Roman citizens, and have thrown us into prison; and now would they send us away in secret? No indeed! They themselves must come and escort us out.”
Acts 17:20 For (gar | γάρ | conj) you bring some strange things to our ears, so we want to know what these things mean.”
Acts 17:23 For (gar | γάρ | conj) as I went around and observed your objects of worship, I found also an altar on which was inscribed, ‘To an unknown god.’ So what you worship without knowing, this I proclaim to you.
Acts 17:28 ‘For (gar | γάρ | conj) in him we live and move about and exist,’ as even some of your own poets have said, ‘For (gar | γάρ | conj) we too are his offspring.’
Acts 18:3 and because he was of the same trade he stayed with them and worked, for (gar | γάρ | conj) they were tentmakers by trade.
Acts 18:18 Paul, after remaining there for a number of days, said farewell to the brothers and sailed away to Syria, and with him were Priscilla and Aquila. At Cenchreae he had his head shaved, for (gar | γάρ | conj) he had taken a vow.
Acts 18:28 for (gar | γάρ | conj) he powerfully refuted the Jews in public, demonstrating by the Scriptures that Jesus was the Messiah.
Acts 19:24 For (gar | γάρ | conj) a man named Demetrius, a silversmith, who made silver shrines of Artemis, brought no little business to the craftsmen.
Acts 19:32 So then some were shouting one thing, some another, for (gar | γάρ | conj) the assembly was in confusion, and most of them did not know why they had assembled.
Acts 19:35 And when the city clerk had quieted the crowd, he said, “Men of Ephesus, what man is there who does not know that the city of the Ephesians is the temple keeper of the great Artemis and of her image that fell from heaven?
Acts 19:37 For (gar | γάρ | conj) you have brought these men, who are neither temple robbers nor blasphemers against our goddess.
Acts 19:40 For (gar | γάρ | conj) indeed we are in danger of being charged in connection with this day’s riot, there being no cause for it; and we will not be able to give an explanation for it.” And having said this, he dismissed the assembly.
Acts 20:10 But Paul went down and threw himself on him, and putting his arms around him, said, “Do not be alarmed, for (gar | γάρ | conj) his life is in him.”
Acts 20:13 We, then, went on to the ship and set sail for Assos, where we planned to take Paul on board; for (gar | γάρ | conj) he had made this arrangement, intending himself to travel by land.
Acts 20:16 For (gar | γάρ | conj) Paul had decided to sail past Ephesus, so that he might not have to spend time in Asia, for (gar | γάρ | conj) he was hastening, if it were possible for him, to be in Jerusalem for the day of Pentecost.
Acts 20:27 for (gar | γάρ | conj) I did not shrink from announcing to you the whole purpose of God.
Acts 21:3 We came in sight of Cyprus, and leaving it behind on our port side, we sailed on to Syria and landed at Tyre, for (gar | γάρ | conj) there the ship was to unload its cargo.
Acts 21:13 Then Paul answered, “What are you doing, weeping and breaking my heart? For (gar | γάρ | conj) I am ready not only to be tied up but also to die in Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus.”
Acts 21:29 For (gar | γάρ | conj) they had previously seen Trophimus the Ephesian in the city with him, and they assumed that Paul had taken him into the temple.
Acts 21:36 for (gar | γάρ | conj) the crowd of people kept following and shouting, “Away with him!”
Acts 22:22 They listened to him until this word, but then they raised their voices saying, saying “Away with such a fellow from the earth, for (gar | γάρ | conj) it is not right for him to live!”
Acts 22:26 When the centurion heard this, he went and reported to the commanding officer, saying, “What are you about to do? For (gar | γάρ | conj) this man is a Roman citizen.”
Acts 23:5 And Paul said, “I did not realize, brothers, that he was high priest; for (gar | γάρ | conj) it is written, ‘You shall not speak evil about the ruler of your people.’”
Acts 23:8 (For (gar | γάρ | conj) the Sadducees say that there is no resurrection, nor angel nor spirit, but the Pharisees confess them all.)
Acts 23:11 The following night the Lord stood by him and said, “Take courage, for (gar | γάρ | conj) as you have testified to the facts about me in Jerusalem, so must you also testify in Rome.”
Acts 23:17 Then Paul called one of the centurions and said, “Take this young man to the commanding officer, for (gar | γάρ | conj) he has something to report to him.”
Acts 23:21 But you should not be persuaded by them, for (gar | γάρ | conj) more than forty of their men are lying in wait for him and have bound themselves by an oath neither to eat nor drink until they kill him. And now they are ready, awaiting your consent.”