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Do you want to learn biblical Greek?
You’ll know your Bible better and grow spiritually!
Option A
Use a computer & interlinear
Reduce memorization
STUDY the Greek New Testament
Option B
Basics of Biblical Greek
Commit to repeated memorization
Review often
READ the Greek New Testament

My blogs will show you what you can understand if you follow my plan.

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We can no longer assume that people trust their Bible and believe what it says about itself. People say that Genesis 1–11 reads more like a myth than history. The God of the Old Testament is a moral monster who commands genocide. Did the biblical writers get it right, or did they slant, massage, or even create the Bible we have today? How can you believe a Bible that’s full of internal contradictions with itself and external contradictions with science and history? Why should we believe the right books are in the Bible? Many books were left out, like the Gospel of Thomas. If you want to learn more about Bill’s new book, Why I Trust the Bible, including issues he was not able to cover in the book, check out I Trust the Bible is now available at Amazon, ChristianBook, or your favorite bookstore.

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  3. Greek Verse of the Week (a detailed look at some of the Bible's more famous verses)
  4. The Professors says (fun little phrases to learn)
  5. Monday w/ Mounce (blogs for people knowing two years of Greek or more)
  6. Bible Study Greek (blogs for people who have learned to use Greek tools)
  7. Why I Trust the Bible

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