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Friday, April 6, 2018

Bug Splats on the Windshield

I want to interrupt my normal blog to share an good illustration of how we should be living life.

Robin and I were driving home yesterday from a vacation in southern California. We drove to Redding and set out early the next morning so we could see Mt. Shasta in the early morning light. To say it was spectacular is an understatement.

As we drove about half way around, our windshield was getting pretty messed up with dead bugs, but I didn’t really notice. My eyes were focused on Mt. Shasta, and the bugs (or what was left of them) didn’t affect my vision.

It is kind of like when rain starts to fall and you don’t really need your windshield wipers. Robin prefers me using the windshield wipers pretty quickly; the wet windshield blocks her view. But I hate noise, especially the sound of rubber blades pushing across glass when there is not enough water to hush the sound. I am comfortable focusing past the water onto the road, and the water rarely gets in my way.

Of course, whether it is dead bugs or drops of water, eventually you have to take care of them. You have to stop to get gas and clean off the bugs, or if it rains harder even I have to turn on the windshield wipers.

We are surrounded every day with things of beauty, things that we can focus on and see God, being reminded of his greatness. We are also surrounded every day with the bugs of life, the annoyances that so easily distract. Conflict in relationships. Lack of fulfillment in our work. House chores. Unfulfilled dreams. Worship music that is too loud and poorly written.

So we have a choice. We can focus on the bugs and go through life defeated and miserable, dragging everyone around us down to our pit, or we can focus on Mt. Shasta, be reminded of who God is, and deal with the bugs when we have to. It would be a pity to miss Mt. Shasta because of a few dead bugs.

I have long debated with myself as to the purpose of Sunday morning. Many churches see it as a social time, a family time, and there is nothing wrong with that. But for me, I need to be reminded to get my eyes off the bugs and get them onto Jesus. I need to be reminded of who he is, and who I am. For me, this is what I need on Sunday morning, and frankly every day. Maybe that is why my office opens up to a 100 acre field to the north where I can see the deer, coyotes, and an occasional bear.

“Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
Look full in His wonderful face,
And the bugs of earth will grow strangely dim,
In the light of His glory and grace.”


Bill, this was a great illustration and application! I am guilty of focusing on the bugs in my life and ignoring or at least not giving our glorious Lord the attention He deserves! May He help me to gaze at Him and glance at the bugs!

Great little mini sermon. This blog is wonderful. Thank you.

Thank you for this reminder of how beautiful our God is and that the bugs of life are only temporary in comparison to the life we will spend with Jesus.

Great Illustration!

I love the dead bugs illustration. We are told that in a time of crisis we can still find our joy in Jesus, himself. However, we don't do that naturally -- we have to train ourselves to do that. We have to train ourselves to focus on that flawless jewel and not on the things in our lives pictured here as dead bugs. Nor should our joy come primarily from temporary experiences of "green pastures." We must train ourselves to focus on that treasure that no circumstance can take away. Then, when trouble strikes, we will still be able to find our joy in Jesus Christ, himself. Thanks for sharing and for motivating me to think with you.

Thank you for sharing this message. I have been struggling with some bugs for some time now and this message helped me to see that it was time to refocus on Jesus. GOD has great timing. Regards, Stephanie

Thanks Bill for chewing on God's Word, and seeing His glory in your present landscape. I also prefer the route of the shore so that I can lay my eyes on God's sea, when I am picking kids up at the school. I am here, serving the Lord up north in Maranhao, Brazil. I echo your feeling to be reminded to put my eyes onto Jesus... specially on Sunday worship.

Great story and a great help to me to keep my eyes focussed on the Lord and seek him for the cleansing and re-visioning I need

Dr. Mounce, These are some great points! I had to chuckle at the analogy (and my wife and I have the same discussion about when I should turn on the wipers), but I love the option we have to focus on the beauty of life, or the temporary problems (bugs). Thank you for your thoughts; you always seem to give me something to contemplate and chew on. God bless

A worthy interruption! I was delighted by the great insight gained as I read the story above. thank you for being an inspiration; I purpose to fix my gaze on him, our Lord Jesus.

Your article on The Bugs On The Windshield really struck a chord with me. I too have been looking at the bugs all around me and not concentrating on the spiritual things in my life. All I see are the scandals, the shootings, the political lies, the wars. I want to be informed about the news but at what cost. What am I willing to pay to be informed? Am I willing to lose my peace, my joy. God forbid! I want the peace of God in my life. I want the joy that passeth all understanding. God help me to rip myself away from all these things that come at me like a thief to devour my soul. Pray for me brothers. I need God's strength.

"Worship music that is too loud and poorly written." For me, that is less a bug and more a dead bird.

Thank You sooo much! I couldn't agree with you more. I love nature myself, and I constantly see God in His creation. Every time I experience the outdoors God's handiwork looks straight back at me and my spirit soars with the knowing of the One who created it so. Beautiful I say! Beautiful! I too see Sunday's for a time of feeding on the "good news" and sharing that "good news" with others in the body who desire more of Jesus. Thank You Bill! Jamie FitchBowen

So true, Bill. Satan will do anything to disrupt our view of Jesus. Sabbath/Sunday morning is more a time to come together and worship in a fellowship setting. There are many people in our communities who lead lonely lives, so going to church is a highlight for them. This is what Hebrews 10.24-25 encourages us to do. It is an opportunity to encourage one another. Also, Jesus' promise in Matthew 18.20 that when two or more are gathered in his name, he is present in Spirit among those gathered. That promise does not apply specifically during the remainder of the week when we are on our own. I like your take on Ms Lemmel's hymn, "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus". You'll have me singing 'bugs' now, instead of 'things'. :)

Great analogy Bill. May I say, Sunday Church is just an extension of our worship throughout the week in prayers, reading scripture, seeking out knowledge of the Lord, doing unto others...., etc. All to the Glory of God through Jesus. Ralph Hatton

Great analogy. And putting it into a hymn is pure genius...

Hello Bill, this is Paul in Bethel Alaska. I read your blog and just wanted to say that I agree with the daily need to focus on Jesus and look past the bugs. The things in life encountered everyday seem to quickly pile up like smeared bugs. In my experience, what has struck me so profoundly is, its not really the things in life that distract my view of Christ, it's me prioritizing them over him. Thinking about them, fretting, wondering what I'll do, just an endless stream of unconscious self-determination to try on my own, very much like the Romans Chapter 7 man. I'm so thankful for God's word for many reasons but the daily readings freshen my thoughts by reading about people in the Bible who made the same errors that I make. Some days when reading, I get that bump to my forehead feeling and I think, I'm doing what they did, I need to change. I get reminded that its not about me or what I can do but all about him and all he has done. Thank you for your tireless labors in Christ

Thank you for these words that help us remember what matters most!

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