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Mounce Reverse Interlinear New Testament on BibleGateway

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Dear Friends,

I wanted to let you know that the translation dad and I did for the interlinears is now available at BibleGateway.

The translation philosophy was to be sufficiently formal so it could function as an interlinear, but also as dynamic as possible to show students how to translate both words and meaning. Consequently, it sits between the ESV and NIV. For example, it does not always translate the same Greek word with the same English word since that information is supplied by the Greek, and it especially tries to maintain the distinction between dependent and independent constructions.

Currently, all that is available is the English translation. The Greek will be added soon; then you will be able to choose an English word, the BibleGateway will show you the Greek word behind the English as well as the word's entry in my Concise Greek Dictionary.

And don't forget: if you want to go deeper in your Bible Study but are not able to learn Greek the traditional way, check out my Biblical Greek Primer approach.



Bill Mounce

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