Bill Mounce

For an Informed Love of God

Mounce Reverse Interlinear New Testament (MRINT)

Years ago I was thinking about what I coud do to help people study their Bibles better. One of the problems was that many people are limited by only being able to work in English, and learning Greek was too much work.

So I started thinking about what it would be like to teach a little Greek, and what I discovered was that a small investment in Greek really did reap a significant reward in Bible study. And so I started working on tools for this audience.

In the process, I came up with the term "reverse interlinear." A traditional interlinear maintains Greek word order and alters the English, which makes the English almost unusuable. But if I maintained English word order and altered the Greek, then both the English and Greek are helpful; hence, "reverse interlinear."

Since those early days, the term has become generally used, and I am thankful to see other publishers and writers developing these types of tools.

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