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Learn Biblical Greek: Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sale

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Dear Friends,

Best sale of the year! Give a gift that can really matter. $40 off, for only $79.

Being able to read Greek is one of the greatest tools for getting deeper into your Bible study. Getting behind the English words to the words of God is a joy. We want to help you get there.

Through Monday, you can purchase the videos of Bill Mounce teaching his grammar, Basics of Biblical Greek, on a USB flash drive. Plug it into your computer and enjoy learning. Let him walk with you through the exercises in the free, online class at Teknia. Enjoy chatting with others on our Google+ page.

You can do this. We have received letters from retired folks, from kids in junior high, and from prisoners with a new-found love of Jesus. They are learning to read the Greek Testament, and so can you.

Purchase now! $40 off, for only $79.

Your friends at Teknia

P.S. Please remember to start your Amazon shopping at All affiliate fees are donated to BiblicalTraining, a Christian not-for-profit ministry that is producing world-class education resources for free use around the world.

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