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As long as Kentucky is in the basketball tournament, we are running the best sale ever!

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Flash drives are only sold in the US. If you live outside of the US, you can still buy online access and receive the workbook screencasts as they are finished.

Bonus: Workbook Screencasts

If you buy the flash drives or online access now, you will also gain access to Bill's new workbook screencasts. You can see a sample here for Chapter 6. All the workbook screencasts will be done by September 1 and available inside the online class.

I can't think of a better way to help students than to walk through the workbook exercises with them. The screencasts will show you exactly what I do in a traditional classroom to help students succeed. 

As always, if you buy the flash drives, you also have access to the online class for 365 days. Click here for more information on the lecture videos, which cover every chapter of Basics of Biblical Greek.

Price Increase

Our prices will be increasing this summer, so now is a good time to get help learning Greek, especially with the new workbook screencasts.