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Sale Ending Soon: Greek Videos and Screencasts

Our introductory sale is almost over. Our new video lectures over every chapter of Basics of Biblical Greek, and our new screencasts over every chapter of the workbook, are $50 off until February 28. You can learn the language of the New Testament, and these resources will help, for only $149.

Lesson videos

In these video lessons, I will walk you through Basics of Biblical Greek. Click here for more information.


Included with the lesson videos are the screencasts where I work through every parsing, warm-up and translation exercise in the workbook (not the advanced). Click here for more information.


These videos and screencasts together list for $199. We are offering a $50 discount through the end of February, 2019, which makes them only $149 (plus shipping).


If you purchased the earlier version of the videos, you were sent a discount code. If for some reason you did not receive that email, then please contact support and tell them approximately when you purchased the DVDs or flash drives.

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