Bill Mounce

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Love to Learn New Testament Greek

Yes, you can learn New Testament Greek. Let Bill Mounce help you read the words of God and go deeper in your Bible study. We have the resources to help.

Basics of Biblical Greek

Basics of Biblical GreekBasics of Biblical Greek is the most used English–Greek grammar in the world. Join the thousands who have used it to learn New Testament Greek.


BBG VideosThe video series lets you sit down with Bill and walk together through his textbook. Along with all the free resources and the free online class, can help you achieve your goal of the reading the New Testament in Greek.

Greek for the Rest of Us

Greek for the Rest of UsIf you’d love to learn Greek so you can study your Bible better, but you can’t spare two years for college or seminary, then Greek for the Rest of Us is for you. GRU will acquaint you with the essentials of Greek and how to use the Bible study tools. Be sure to use the free online Greek class.


Greek for the Rest of UsIn these 9 hours of video lectures and screen casts, Dr. Mounce will walk your through the first third of Greek for the Rest of Us. You will be able to understand your Strong's Bibles, do Greek word studies, and use better commentaries and dictionaries.