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TekniaGreek Unicode Keyboard

Download the Mac keyboard by clicking here.

Download the keyboard mapping (i.e., where all the Greek keys are on the English keyboard).

What is Unicode

Here is a basic tutorial on what unicode is and why it is so good. It includes some of my favorite unicode fonts that include Greek.

Rod Decker has a great discussion of Greek unicode fonts as well. Please see there for a detailed discussion

What does this keyboard do?

This keyboard allows you to use the same keyboard mapping you are used to from years of using TekniaGreek, but to type in unicode with any unicode-compliant font.

How do I install the Macintosh keyboard?

Here are the basic instructions of how to install the TekniaGreek unicode keyboard.

How do I use the Macintosh Keyboard

Here are the basic instructions for using the TekniaGreek keyboard so you can type in unicode.

Windows Keyboard

I have heard that the Logos Windows Installer is the best way to install and type in Greek on Windows (free).