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How to Use Unicode (Macintosh)

Once you have downloaded all the necessary file sand installed the keyboard, you can start to type in unicode Greek

1. Open up a word processing document, select a font that has English and Greek in it, and make sure that the English icon is showing in the input menu. This allows you to type in English.


2. When you want to type in Greek click on the menu and choose TekniaGreek.


3. You configure your macintosh to bring up this option and cycle through the different languages using the Input source shortcuts. The default is COMMAND-SPACE. Some utilities interfere with this functionality.


Basic Instructions of how to type the different characters

The printout shows you where the letters and accents are located.

The major difference between unicode Greek and the older font technology is that you type the accent first, then the vowel.

to get this: you type this:
ά v (acute) then v (vowel)
j (breathing) then h (vowel)
[ (smooth + acute) then e (vowel)
/ (iota subscript) then w (vowel)

From this it should be clear on how to use the printout to get all your vowel combinations.

Remember, if you have trouble, you can always use the Character Viewer or PopChar.