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Logos has several bundles, and your best bet to to go through the comparison list and see which set of resources you want to purchase. Do not be confused with all the public domain resources (at Logos or anywhere). They generally are not worth having.

Logos has a comparison chart of their bundles.

Academic Standard

The minimum bundle I would get is the Academic Standard. Here are the included resources you will use in this class:

Bibles (they use my term, "Reverse Interlinear")

  • NIV
  • ESV
  • Lexham English Bible
  • NASB
  • CSB
  • NRSV 
  • NLT
  • KJV (NKJV)

Greek text

Greek Dictionary

Resources used in this class

Here is a listing of the resources we will use in this class (other than Reverse Interlinears). This is for people who have already purchased Logos but don't have one of the bundles listed above.

Optional Resources

  • I use the word study book by Verbrugge for advanced word studies. Logos does not carry it, but Bromiley's Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (Abridged) does a great job.
  • BDAG
  • Louw and Nida
  • Expositor's Bible Commentary (first edition | second edition). An excellent 11 volume commentary over the entire Bible. When I am preparing to preach, this provides most of the information I need.
  • Tyndale Commentary Series. Excellent, non-technical commentaries of the entire Bible written by world-class scholars. When I became a Bible major in college, this was the series my folks bought me for Christmas. It has been a favorite of mine ever since.