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In this welcome to the class, Bill surveys his goals for Foundational Greek.


Slides ( Keynote | PowerPoint )


1. Download the workspace file for the Greek Primer Orientation. You will need it for the screencasts. It is compressed, so you will have to unzip it ( Accordance (GNT28) )

2. Read Greek for the Rest of Us, pages xi–xviii.

3. Watch the lecture (free)

4. Watch the screencast (free) — based on an earlier version of the website

5. Watch the second screencast (free) — based on an earlier version of the website


1. Be sure you have purchased the required resources before our first time together. See the appropriate links in the Orientation lesson.

2. Unless you are very comfortable using your software, please watch the training videos and come to class with a basic awareness of how to use your software. The links are in the Orientation lesson for some recommended training videos.