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Accordance has long been the premiere Bible search app on the Macintosh. They now have mobile apps (iPad and iPhone), and are coming out with a Windows version. Once you purchase a resource, it is available on all these platforms.

Here are the Accordance resources I am using in these videos

  • The Mounce Greek Study System: Learn Biblical Greek with Accordance. This set includes The Biblical Greek Primer Video Set, Greek New Testament NA27 (GNT-T) with Notes, Mounce Reverse-Interlinear New Testament and Dictionary (MOUNCE-NT), and Mounce’s Complete Expository Dictionary of OT & NT Words (Mounce Expository). It does not include Accordance itself.
  • The Accordance Mounce Study Bundle. This bundle is for those who have separately purchased the Biblical Greek Primer Video and would like to own the Greek New Testament NA27 (GNT-T) with Notes, Mounce Reverse-Interlinear New Testament and Dictionary (MOUNCE-NT), and Mounce’s Complete Expository Dictionary of OT & NT Words (Mounce Expository).
  • Neither of these packages includes Accordance itself; you will need to get the Starter Collection if you do not already own it.
  • As far as English Bibles are concerned, please have a copy of the ESV. I also tend to use the NIV for illustration.

You can also purchase the individual modules.

Here is a comparison of their different Collections of resources.

Mounce Reverse Interlinear Translation

Let me say a bit about the translation. The translation philosophy behind the Mounce translation is to be considerably more dynamic than traditional translations used in connection with interlinears because we wanted to show students more than just a wooden one-to-one translation. Because of the nature of an interlinear, we felt that increased flexibility in translation combined with the inherent limitations of an interlinear would produce a tool that shows students how good translation work is done, translating both words and meaning. Consequently, it sits between the ESV and NIV.

Optional Word Study Resources

Optional Bibles

Optional Reference Works

  • Essential IVP Reference Collection. Includes an excellent one volume dictionary, one volume commentary, and many more resources.
  • Expositor's Bible Commentary. An excellent 11 volume commentary over the entire Bible. When I am preparing to preach, this provides most of the information I need.
  • Tyndale Commentary Series. Excellent, non-technical commentaries of the entire Bible written by world-class scholars. When I became a Bible major in college, this was the series my folks bought me for Christmas. It has been a favorite of mine ever since.
  • Photo Guide. More than just a listing of pictures, this module contains extensive descriptions and reference style information

Not an Accordance user? Check out one of their primary collections such as the Library Introduction.

Accordance Tutorials

Here are the Accordance tutorials

Recommended tutorials

The following recommended videos are based on Accordance 9. I am sure they will be updated soon.

  • 4. The Library Window — Shows you how to find and organize your modules.
  • 5. The Resource Palette — Demonstrates opening any of your resources or immediately searching them for your current text selection (amplifying).
  • 18. Customizing Workspaces — Just like sitting in your favorite chair, under your favorite lamp, with your favorite people, Accordance can be customized so you feel as comfortable as possible while working with your resources. This podcast will help walk you through creating a Custom Workspace, with the appropriate texts and tools, arrange how you want them, to let you jumpstart any study of the Bible. (9:58 minutes)
  • 25. Key Number Texts — Demonstrates how texts with key numbers bring you ever closer to the original texts.
  • 28. Parallels — If you own Accordance, theres a good chance you also have the Parallel modules. These underused databases come with most of our base packages and let you compare Biblical passages. Use them to compare similar accounts, find unique material, explore quotations, and more. This podcast will walk you through the various Parallel databases in Accordance and how to use them more effectively. (9:58 minutes)
  • 36. Search Window Details — Gives you a glimpse into the capabilities of the Details workspace with different ways to view and analyse your search results.
  • 39. Zones — Zones are Accordance 9's new way to expand the flexibility and use of your workspaces. Now, you can divide your workspace into as many zones as you have room for. Each zone can then have any number of tabs, and tabs may have their own panes too. With all of this flexibility, you are sure to reach ultimate efficiency in your workflow. This podcast will show you the basics of zones, including how to create them, and some excellent user examples. (9:13 minutes)
  • 40. My Groups — Demonstrates how easy it is to group any modules in order to search or open them with a click.
  • 41. Search All — Covers how to use the Search All window to search every aspect of every module - in fractions of a second.
  • 58. Drill Down. Dig Deep — Accordance offers three ways to initiate an investigation into biblical data: instant details, triple-click, and search all. Our programmers have recently tweaked the settings of each, allowing Accordance to "drill down" and "dig deep[er]" than ever before.