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21. Phrasing 103

Now it is time to venture in Greek phrasing. It is not as frightening as you might expect.

In the second edition of Greek for the Rest of Us, this material was in chapter 26.


Titus 1:1–4 (phrased in English, from Phrasing 102)

Titus 2:11–14 (phrased in English, from Phrasing 102)

Titus 3:3–7 (phrased in English, from Phrasing 102)

Chapter 21 (draft from edition 3, updated 12/11/2021)


Read the new chapter from the third edition (updated 12/11/2021)

Watch the lecture (Titus 2:11–14)


Phrase Titus 3:3–7 using option 1 in Bill's phrasing method (“Phrasing 103”).


Titus 3:3–7

You can also download the phrasing from Titus 1:1–4 (textbook) and Titus 2:11–14 (lesson video). You can also watch a video version of phrasing Titus 1:1–4.