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Accessing video conferences with WebEx


You can access our WebEx sessions through your browser or tablet/phone (Mac and Android). Here is the link to download the iOS and Android apps.

Here are the basic instructions. The screen shots are from the browser interface.

Join the meeting

Go to We will use this URL for all our meetings. You can also click on the WebEx link on the cohort page.


Enter your name and email and click the green Join button.


The first time you do this, you will be taken through a series of screens that will save the WebEx extension to your browser.


If your teacher has not yet started the class, you are greeted with this window.

Audio and Video

Once you enter the room, you must manually activate your video feed and your audio feed.


Click the "Call Using Computer" button.


A popup will give you options as to which speaker and microphone to use.


Click OK, and then click the greek "Start My Video" button.


If you have troubles connecting, please use the chat facility to ask for help. Start by clicking the Chat icon.


The video pane collapses and you can enter a chat at the bottom of the screen. Choose to send it to everyone or to just one person. Enter the mesage and press Return.


To go back to the video, click the disclosure triangle to the left of Participants.

Leave room

When you are done with class, click the Quick Start tab and then the Leave room button.