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Tutorial for Using FlashWorks

Welcome to our online tutorial for FlashWorks. There are detailed instructions included with the applications, but perhaps these will help you get started. Click on one of the links to the left to begin.

You can also enter into a discussion on our FlashWorks forum.

These screen shots are from FlashWorks version 4.5, which should be released in November, 2009.

FlashWorks startup screen


The latest updates and databases can be found here.

Be sure to use the Teknia Installer.

  • A folder named VComponents needs to be placed in your CFMSupport folder (Hard disk : Library).
  • A folder named FlashWporks is created. Most of the files are placed here.
  • The font TekniaGreek (or TekniaHebrew) will be installed as well as a duplicate placed inside the Teknia folder.

Be sure to backup you database (e.g., FlashWorksGreek.vdb).