Bill Mounce

For an Informed Love of God

New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology and Exegesis (5 volumes)

Edited by: Moises Silva
Format: Hardcover
Printed Page Count: 3,552
Trim Size: 283mm x 241mm x 159mm
ISBN: 9780310276197
Publisher: Zondervan




A standard and beloved reference work for nearly 40 years, the New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology and Exegesis has been thoroughly revised and updated to aid today’s pastors, students, scholars, and teachers in their study of the Bible.


Offering a wealth of background and information on the meaning of Greek words in the New Testament — as well as related usage in classical Greek sources, the Septuagint, Jewish literature, and more — this important tool offers the following features:

  • Alphabetical arrangement according to Greek words instead of previous order according to English topics; this ensures that individual Greek words are not discussed in isolation from one another and are easy to access
  • Expanded to include additional Greek words and concepts not covered in the original work, NIDNTTE includes nearly 800 entries covering over 3,000 Greek words
  • Discussions have been revised to be in line with modern scholarship and bibliographies are updated
  • Corrections have been made to inconsistencies and omissions in earlier versions
  • Updated and added consistency to include - for every entry - all necessary background information from classical Greek, the LXX, and Jewish literature.
  • A helpful semantic domain index now directs the reader to all of the Greek words that have something to do with a particular English word. For example, under the English word “Anger, Wrath,” there is a list of thirteen Greek words that are related to that topic.
  • Significant changes have been made in the presentation and discussion of linguistic details
  • and much more!