Bill Mounce

For an Informed Love of God

How to use the exercises. Please read carefully.

The exercises may look a little odd at first. I am using the Quiz module of Moodle to lay out the exercises. At some time in the future you will be able to do your homework on line, but for now I am just using it to display information. So ignore the verbiage about "Quiz" and understand that it is the exercise.

To begin, click on the Exercise line (e.g., Exercise for chapter 6"). You are taken to the Greeting screen.

Opening screen

Click the Attempt quiz now button, and you will be shown the first five or so parsing exercises.

First parsing

If you do not know what the word is, you can click on the Parsing hint link.


(If a window does not pop up, then check your browser preferences to make sure it is not stopping this from happening.) I have color coded the word into its morphemes. If this were a sentence, the hint will break the sentence down into its phrases.

You can record your parsing or translation in the field if you wish, but Moodle will not correct it for you automatically. When done,click the Submit button and you will be shown the correct answer.


It doesn't matter what your answer is, Moodle will tell you your answer is correct. Just ignore all this grading information for now.

When you are done, at the bottom of the page will be a series of buttons.


Click Submit page if you want to save your work, and then click on the appropriate link along the bottom of the window to move to the next exercise.

Save without submitting saves your answers but doesn't submit your work for grading (which of course is meaningless for now).
Submit page saves your work and submits it for grading.
Submit all and finish submits all your pages for grading.