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How do you Work through a Chapter?


You will find that each chapter (which corresponds to a chapter in the textbook) may have different material. Work from the top through all the steps to the bottom. Please do not skip any steps. For the most part, here is what you will find:


These are blogs that illustrate the exegetical use of the chapter's grammar. They are optional.

Chapter Overview

It is easy to get lost in all the details of a chapter, so it is important to know which elements are the most important. This is the function of the chapter overview. Using the Study Guide, listen through the overview, fill out the study guide, and memorize what you have learned.

Chapter Material

You can download the Keynote and PowerPoint slides I use to teach the chapter.

Now it is time to read through the chapter in the textbook.

The vocabulary will show you each word you need to memorize, pronounce it, and show you lots of mnemonic devices. Please use the form to submit your own.

FlashWorks (web based) drills you on the vocabulary. Be sure to read the instructions so you can tell what it is doing. This version of FlashWorks is different from the standalone app you can download.


All the content under this heading comes from the Workbook.

ParseWorks will let you interactively identify the forms and give you hints when you are wrong.

Warmups and Translations will show you the Greek, and often a text hint (which breaks the sentence up into parts and color codes certain forms), and will also give you the correct answer. Please do not abuse this! If you don't push yourself to treat the exercises as tests, you probably will not learn the language.

Additional translations are sentences 11 through 20.

Wiki will one day hopefully be full of student-developed exercises.


What about those nasty quizzes? They are the single most important piece of homework you can do. They help you see where you are. Please take them seriously. Treat them as a test. You can download them from the site. Take them with your books closed and then grade them with the key.