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Teknia Update (FlashWorks, Blogs, Sale)

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Dear Friend,

I wanted to give you a quick update on things here at Teknia.

1. I finally found the bug in the Windows version of FlashWorks. Yeh! Sorry for the trouble, and you can download the latest installer here.

2. Monday with Mounce, my Greek blog to encourage Greek students, is formally on Teknia now and not There is always one major blog on Monday, and often smaller ones throughout the week. You can use your rss reader to have these delivered automatically to your browser. Just click on the orange rss icon in the lower left part of the home page.

3. Kentucky is still in the hunt for a national championship, and so our sale on Greek materials is still on. But they play Baylor on Sunday.



Bill Mounce


P.S. Teknia helps to subsidize the costs of running You can also help by starting your Amazon and ChristianBook purchases at their website. You can even set up a special link on your browser and you wouldn't even have to come to (here are the instructions). These affiliate fees really do help support the work of BiblicalTraining.