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Teknia and a Hebrew Class. Finally!

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Dear Friends,

Finally, it is just around the corner. By the end of August we will be offering a Hebrew class on that is basically the same as our Greek class.

We have been working for months with Gary Pratico and Miles Van Pelt, authors of Basics of Biblical Hebrew, to get their resources together. For each chapter there will be:

  • Audio summary lecture (by Van Pelt)
  • Handouts and PowerPoint presentations
  • Video/Audio lectures (by Pratico)
  • Hear the vocabulary words pronounced
  • FAQs on each chapter
  • Helpful hints on many of the most difficult exercises in the workbook
  • Quizzes (and keys)
  • Tests

The videos are primarily complicated slides that sync with the audio; there is a little video but not much.

We are selling access to the class for an introductory price of $95 for the year, and the first three lessons are free so you can see the excellence of Gary's and Miles' teaching.

There is currently no mentoring or grading of exams.

We will let you know when the lectures are available.



Bill Mounce

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