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Online Hebrew is Here!

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Dear Friends,

It is here! The online Hebrew class is available for purchase at for $99.

You can now learn biblical Hebrew online! Teknia has teamed up with Drs. Gary Pratico and Miles Van Pelt, authors of Basics of Biblical Hebrew, and has created an online Hebrew class that parallels their textbook. These materials were used for many years at a major seminary, and are now available for you at a greatly reduced cost.

You can attend the first four lectures for free to see the quality of their work. They supply a significant amount of free helps (including the answer key), and there are many more helps you can purchase.

For each class there are:

  • Miles' shorter lecture
  • Overheads
  • Steps of walking through the chapter
  • Gary's video lectures (mostly elaborate overheads synced with audio)
  • Hear Gary pronounce the vocabulary
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Helps on some of the more difficult exercises
  • Review questions
  • A quiz and key for each chapter

You will need to purchase their textbook and workbook as well. If you prefer to just download the audio, you can purchase that product as well.

There is currently no grading of exams or academic credit for this class.

While the entire course is constructed and working, the videos, vocabulary, and quizzes are available only through chapter 16. We should be done with the remaining chapters by the end of September. (Audio for all chapters is available now.) But we know a lot of you are wanting to get started, so we thought we should make it available sooner rather than later.



Bill Mounce

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